Services & Activities

Personal sessions

There are moments that one can use support to navigate through daily life. Especially in times when the outside world impacts one´s clarity
and sense of direction. The clients that I see, come with their personal theme´s and life questions.  A personal session may shed light on the root cause of emotional disbalances that show themselves through: stress, anxiety, fear, symptoms of burnout, and so on.

However, it is not all dismay and clouds. One may also have an interest and urge to get to know oneself better, in order to take charge of one´s personal and spiritual development.

Support in a Spiritual Growth Process

For anyone who wishes to be guided through the process of a deeper connection to oneself. During a one-to-one session subconscious themes may come to the surface. In this way one can become aware of them and continue or conclude an inner process.

Dealing with one´s sensitivity in daily life

How do you keep balanced? How do you navigate with your sensitivity through daily life.  A personal session may offer support and tools to people who are overwhelmed and over stimulated by the outside impulses. But also may benefit for people, who would like to expand their intuitive reach.

Every experience is personal, however there are some general things that people experience. A session may:

  • awaken a greater awareness for the body, since the body is the vessel through which all our experiences pass,
  • release stress and anxiety,
  • discover the cause of the disbalance in one´s life,
  • stimulate one´s intuition / inner knowledge, from which to take clearer decisions,
  • reveal the underlying themes that are a red thread through ones life,
  • bring to the surface unconscious patterns [also in relation to nutrition],
  • enhance peace of mind and inner calmness,
  • empower one to take charge of one´s life and life path

Inspired & Down-to-earth

" A session can only take place from an inner space of love; a space of trust, non-judgement and openness to connect with the other and truly listen deeply.
To be in that moment is something that I enjoy, more than anything else,
with whole my heart."
Need I Say More? Delores Diana
essential oils, alternative, aroma

Reintegration Massage

A reintgration massage is a therapy that does not only works on the a physical. The body stores all the experiences, starting from the day we were born. Some experiences,especially the traumatic ones, can leave an emotional imprint in the physical memory of the body. In case these imprints are not consciously dealt with they can result into unconscious patterns and emotional blockages in the body.

During a session, we aim to reestablish the emotional balance and allow blocked energy to flow again. At the same the client is getting more aware of the internal process and take charge of the healing process. Contact me in case you wish to know more or make anappointment for a session.

At the moment I am in training for the reintegration massage certification, which I intend to finish in 2022.

Workshops & group sessions

On a regular basis I offer [online] workshops and group sessions. During these experiences we dive into the essence of a specific theme in relation our own essence and personal experiences. The aim is to connect deeper with oneself and share the experience with like-minded / like-hearted people.

See the upcoming events in the calendar.