Words of Appreciation

“I recently received two sessions from Delores and I have been very helped by this. My self-love has grown again and also the insight I have gained through it. Dare to speak more. Sleep better and now want to achieve even more, but step by step. Getting more relaxed and take more rest.” Thank you dear Delores❤

“I have experienced your healing as pleasant and peaceful. My state of mind was calm and peacefull again after this healing. This was very pleasant to feel. My whole being and thinking felt different at that moment, nice.”

“The session with Delores was smoothly direct, with great freshness and naturalness she was able to read me. The information I collected has been verified by my self-listening. I have felt supported by the sincere and openly careful reading of it. It was like gently looking at how the strokes of my breath were drawn out. The healing at the end left me clear and with more internal space. In the session was also asked, to internally feel “what could be done in relation to certain issues”, this was a very positive approach to observe the reality of the moment. I recommend it, it is an experience that gives birth to impressions, intuitions and the spaces that are hardly called upon by ourselves. A session for me is a look in a mirror of deep communication: one human at the service of giving space to the others’ consciousness. In this case Delores is a clean mirror with depth and tangible sensitivity.” Thank you!

“I thought it was a very special, enlightening experience. Your voice is also very calming and therefore very familiar. It also gave me new insights into my life, but also a bit of confirmation. As an additional gift, after your healing, the inflammation in my eyes that I had immediately disappeared and I woke up in the morning with very clear eyes. Probably by removing the blockage around my head.” Thank you very much for everything.