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I am here. And this is Why.
In a nutshell. . . When a person is connected to her / his space of inner harmony and inner strength, it offers an opening to perceive things more clearly. This clarity may lead to heartfelt and empowered decision making, on all aspects of one’s life. This way a person can take ownership of her / his personal development or / and path of healing.  And this is something I value and care about, a lot! So, that is why I am here.

My personal approach
Whether we meet in a person or in a group setting, in my work I look at both the physical body and the human energy field. Consider me your Intuition Mentor, walking along side you, while you are on your inner path of personal development, [self]healing and spiritual growth.

Words of appreciation

"I experienced the sessions with Delores as very special and educational. Incredible how spot-on are the insights you get from her sessions. After the sessions I feel genuinely calm and, above all, more aware, more powerful and more positive. It got me thinking and also prompted action. In a way that feels comfortable to me. Delores can really help you find and reconnect with the power that is inside you, but may not be on the surface. And Delores is a very nice, warm personality 😍 ."

What I Offer

Sessions & Group work

 The aim of the individual sessions and group work is to support people on their path of self-awareness and intuitive growth. The journey of self-development always starts from within. Our inner knowlegde and intuition are a   guiding force to reckon with.  The sessions and workshops allow one to experience more clarity and direction about one´s life and purpose.

Reintegration Massage

This is a hands-on-body therapy, with the aim to dissolve emotional blockages that are stored in the body. It is about bringing awareness to the physical and the impact that unresolved issues can have on one´s life. This way the static energy can be released and flow again. Both in the body as well as in daily life.

Plant Based Well-being

Daily dietary choices  have a positive or negative effect on one´s sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being. Through my work, I also wish to encourage people to live more health conscious. Plant Based food consulation,  is part of the services I offer. For those who are interested to learn more about plant based living I offer various packages.

About Delores Diana

All that she shares, is part of who she is. Since over twenty years Delores Diana is on a conscious path of self-development. The eagerness to know herself  has been a red thread throughout this chosen track. All is Energy. That is what she experienced and understood from an early age on,  although she was no shining light in physics.

Next to her career in communications and business,  she has been feeding her interest in the holistic field. Exploring herself, and her relationship with the world through courses and trainings, with a focus on intuitive and personal development.

Since 2013, she actively started to  offer her services in the field of Energy Reading and Healing, which over the years grew into intuitive mentoring. A way through which she guides her clients to (re)connect with their inner knowledge and intuitive power on a deeper level. Offering a down-to-earth approach, Delores Diana feels inspired to guide people to inner harmony and clarity. A space where one can experience emotional balance and authenticity. Allowing people to act more empowered  and compassionate towards oneself and one´s surroundings.

Delores Diana was born in the Netherlands and lives on Ibiza since 2013. She considers this island, which she calls home, a playground for personal and spiritual development. Here she also discovered her passion for plant based food and has been cooking vegan on retreats and private events since 2014, under the name of Cocoroco now Casa Cocoroco

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